We understand that sometimes the information given to you during your doctor’s visit can be overwhelming. We, therefore, began creating informational handouts that we give to our patients to summarize our recommendations or instructions.  Below you will find some of the more commonly used handouts with brief descriptions of each one.

Dr Taz Varkey


Gynecological Surgery Instructions

This handout provides instructions to prepare for a scheduled gynecological inpatient or outpatient surgical procedure.

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Preparing for your Hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy is a procedure that allows your physician to examine the interior cavity of the uterus along with the cervical canal through a viewing scope.

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Educational Websites

We realize that you may have many more questions and encourage you to use professional medical websites to do your research. Here are a few that Dr. Varkey recommends.


Advice for Our Obstetrical Patients

This handout is a compilation of answers to commonly asked obstetrical questions written by Dr. Varkey. It includes information on foods to avoid, natural and prescription medications for various common ailments during pregnancy, and exercise recommendations. A great resource for patients who are pregnant or even in the pre-conceptional stages of planning their pregnancy.

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Guide to Recommended Tests in Pregnancy and Timeframes for Testing

These forms review the most commonly performed tests in pregnancy, their purpose and the proper time-frames in which they need to be performed.

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Additional Preoperative Information

Medications To Be Avoided Prior to Surgery

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Patient Forms

New patient forms

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Medical Records Release Form

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