Virtual Appointments – Telemedicine

How much does this cost?

Many insurers are now covering these appointments, so you will only pay towards your copay or deductibles. If it is not covered, the administrative charge is $250 per 30 minute appointment time.

Are you too busy to drive in for an appointment?

Do you simply need a consult and Dr. Varkey’s undivided attention for 15-30minutes? Telemedicine appointments are offered at specified times each week. These appointments are catered to the busy woman who may not be able to take half a day off to drive in, wait, and see Dr. Varkey in person.

Do you accept insurance for these visits?

Many insurers are now covering these visits since the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Please free to call your insurer and make sure nothing has changed in that regard before you book the appointment.

What is an example of a visit that might be done via a virtual appointment?

Most counseling sessions could be done virtually. Basically, anything that does not require a hands on exam. Examples of such sessions include pre-conceptional counseling, pre-operative consults, contraception counseling, PMS, basic UTI or rashes to name a few. These appointments can also be used to determine whether a patient needs to be seen at all.

Does this mean I may not need to be seen at all for a specific problem?

Possibly but you may still need to be seen. That is part of what Dr. Varkey will determine once you have discussed the issue. In that case, the office will make every effort to accommodate your appointment time requests to make it easier for you to get in and out.

Can a new patient be seen this way?

If possible, we recommend that you come in for the first visit. This will give Dr. Varkey the opportunity to get to know you and to have a thorough exam done prior to making healthcare decisions. That being said, if you prefer to meet Dr. Varkey remotely first, we are more than happy to accommodate you.

What will be done during these visits?

Just like a regular office visit, Dr. Varkey will first review your medical history with you to make sure there are no changes that would affect her advice to you. Then she will advise and educate you. Finally, you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. We can electronically prescribe almost all prescriptions so you would not need to come in for that either.

Why wouldn't I just call in?

Many patients call hoping to ask their questions and get advice over the phone. The problem is that unless there is a specified time where Dr. Varkey can provide her undivided attention to the patient and review their charts, she cannot properly and safely advise the patient and answer all questions thoroughly.

What do I do if I am interested in making an telemedicine appointment?

Just call our office or contact us through the website and we will arrange the appointment for you!