“Smart, Kind and Caring”

Three words that come to mind when I think of Dr Varkey. I have been a patient of hers for almost 5 years now, and I guess I’m not her typical patient. I’m a young, unwed, un-pregnant woman who’s not currently not in need of help with fertility. I’m just a typical gal who was looking for a great doctor to make sure I remained healthy! And I found all that and more in Dr Varkey.

Over the years Dr Varkey has been a wonderful provider who is not only smart (as smart as they come), kind, and caring, she is also very patient. Through the years I’ve had a number of concerns, none too big or too small for her. She has always found the time to address my medical needs and put my mind at ease, both scientifically and with her amazing bedside manner. She is, bar none, the very best doctor I have ever had. And her staff is always there to help as well, from Stephanie, the receptionist, to Jennifer, the office manager, they are an office that runs smoothly and seamlessly! Five stars all the way!! As long as they’ll have me, I’ll remain a patient!! Oh, and Dr Varkey is gorgeous, you don’t get that everyday 😉

– J. S.

“Having a great doctor is priceless, and that’s what Dr. Varkey and her staff are, Priceless”

“Recently, health issues required that I have a Hysterectomy. Dr. Varkey walked me through the whole process with much care and patience. I understood why the surgery was necessary and was prepared for what to expect in the hospital and during recovery.  In addition, Jennifer, Stephanie and the rest of the office staff were great with dealing with insurance and appointments. ”

– D. L.

“MonaLisa has put the spontaneity back into my marriage!”

For several years intercourse had become very painful and the satisfaction of our sexual relationship was diminishing. Dr.Varkey informed me about MonaLisa and I must admit I was very skeptical. The procedure took all of 5 minutes and I hardly felt anything at all. 1 week after the first treatment, we felt like teenagers again. We were in complete disbelief that it actually worked! MonaLisa has put the spontaneity back into my marriage!

– L. J.

“I would highly recommend Dr.Varkey.”

Dr. Varkey performed a LEEP procedure on me in her office. Before the surgery she let me know exactly what would happen, which allowed me to feel more comfortable during the surgery. The procedure went well and I would highly recommend Dr.Varkey.

– E. L.

“I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Dr. Varkey is not only an incredibly caring doctor with a fabulous bedside manner, but most importantly she is very thorough, smart and professional. I’ve been a patient of hers for almost 10 years and she has delivered both of my babies. There is no one I would trust more and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

– B. S.

“We felt like family in Dr. Varkey’s office”

Dr. Varkey and her office came highly recommended from dear friends. We were hesitant because of the distance from Torrance; where we live. Our hesitation quickly was allayed. We felt like family in Dr. Varkey’s office and under her care at Cedars-Sinai.

– M. M.

“Her approach is very personal”

My experiences with Dr. Varkey have been nothing short of phenomenal! Her approach is very personal, so much so that I often feel like I’m talking to a friend, in-fact many of my friends go to Dr. Varkey! She listens and answers any questions and addresses all of my concerns in a very informative manor. Dr. Varkey also does not hesitate to share her own personal experiences when appropriate, which I find refreshing. Dr. Varkey delivered my first child and because of her calm nature my experience was incredibly pleasant. In addition to Dr. Varkey being THE best, so is her staff. From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted by an attentive staff that genuinely cares.

– J. and J. K.

“She is a great doctor and a caring and compassionate person”

Dr. Varkey is my hero. I feel like I owe my two healthy children to her ability to troubleshoot my fertility challenges. In my mid-30’s, she correctly diagnosed a condition that I had lived with for years and appropriately treated it resulting in the birth of my first son. After a few failed attempts, Dr. Varkey patiently and persistently guided me through an uneventful pregnancy in my 40’s which resulted in the birth of my second child last summer. She is a great doctor and a caring and compassionate person who I fully trusted with my health and the health of my unborn babies.

— A. M.

“I love Dr Varkey! There’s no other way to say it.”

I moved to the US from overseas four weeks pregnant and not knowing a single soul. I relied on testimonials like this one to find an OB. What was the deciding factor for me was that Dr Varkey’s patients not only spoke of her skill but also of how much she cared. This was my first child and being away from family and friends…I needed someone to care. And care she did, Dr Varkey and her team took me by the hand and walked me through all the stages of my dream pregnancy. It was at 35 weeks though that Dr Varkey’s skill and experience kicked in. Sensing something wasn’t right she sent me to an out of routine ultrasound and due to complications my baby had to come out in 24 hours. If it wasn’t for Dr Varkey’s knowledge, thoroughness and cautiousness my little Max wouldn’t be with us today. During my pregnancy Dr Varkey was my guardian angel and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

– C. K.

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